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Kevin Hirzel’s Article on COVID-19 Risks and Community Association Insurance Featured in The Washington Post

Kevin Hirzel wrote an article, “Know which coronavirus-related risks are covered by your association’s insurance”,  for the Washington Post. The article discusses the overwhelming challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic that are unique to condominium and homeowners associations. Due to common areas such as pools, gyms, and clubhouses being so prevalent among condominium and homeowners associations, association board members are faced with the challenge of enforcing social distancing and other cautionary health measures necessary to protect their communities and the association.

Condominium and homeowners association board members should take a closer look at their community association’s insurance policy to understand potential insurance coverage exclusions and determine whether their governing documents should be amended to account for potential risks. Read the full article on the Washington Post website to learn exactly what risks are covered and by community association insurance policies.

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